About 7,500 species which are grouped under 300 genera. The edible members were called as ‘Mushroom’, while the poisonous varieties were called as ‘toadstool’.  Mushrooms are popular for their mushroom delicacy , flavor as well as food value. two types of Mushroom viz. White button mushroom (Agaricus bisporous) and Dhingri (Pleuritus spp.) are being cultivated in the state.

             Mushroom cultivation requires no land and can be grown in the small houses. Many species of fungus are deadly poisonous fungus as they contain poisonous or chemicals (Amanita verna) when in the ‘button’. The Roman emperor Cladius Caesar (A.D.54) was murdered by his wife who mixed his food with Amanita phalloided.Mushroom is a saprophytic fungus which grow on dead and decaying wood and leaves, wood logs, manure piles and other similar surrounding in rainy season.

mushroom cultivation
poisionness mushroom

Our Services :

1. MIF provide facilities for farmer training in mushroom cultivation.

2. We emonstrate the techniques of mushroom cultivation.

3. Provide free consultancy services for farmers.

4. Development of suitable marketing and processing channels.

5. To motivate unemployment youth, Farmers, and ladies for   self-employment.

6.  Examination of diseased samples of compost-free of cost.
7. Provision of on spot technical guidance-free of cost.

8. Training of Farmers through short term training camps and training courses
9. Organize seminars and workshops for mushroom cultivation.

Mushroom are about 90% water. They are low in calories (25per/100g), and are very low in fats (approx. 2%) but high in protein (approx. 5%). The protein present in mushroom is only second topulses in its amino acids content and 80% easily digested. Minerals and Vitamins are present in high quantity and is the dietary source of Vit.D and Vit.B.

Economic Importance :
Mushrooms are highly proteinaceous and are used as food. The white button mushroom is sold as fresh mushroom or is canned and made into soups, sauces and other food products. Protein in mushrooms have 60-70 % digestibility and contains all the essential amino acids. It has medicinal properties also. A high amount of retene is present in the button mushroom which is supposed to have an antagonistic effect on some forms of tumours.