Our Objectives :

We are committed to providing you with the highest level of service, so you’ll always be happy that you chose us. 

  •  We encourage and motivate the children/students in the field of education, sports, arts, literature and cultural activities for their all round performance/development in National building.

  •  To inculcate the feelings and develop the attitude towards National unity and integrity, Social welfare, and scientific approach.

  •  Awareness about the social evils and their eradication measures in the society.

  •  Environment conservation and to  develop caring and sympathetical attitude towards the living world (Plants, Animals).

  •  To promote human values and work for humanity.

  •  Support to the most deprived section of the society and bring them into the main stream of national development.

  •  Awareness of different women self help groups about dowry system, female foeticide girl education, awareness related to environment and cleanliness.

  •  Spreading awareness among people related to “Digital India” movement of Govt. of India at grass-root level in villages.

  •  We are promoting plantation work at various level in society.

    Global Awards & Recognitions :

       Foundation has decided to recognize the real hidden talent in the society. So we have launched the “e-Innovation Awards” for the 1st time in India for schools, teachers and students. These awards are being given on national and international level to those who have done commendable job in education. Later on since 2018, these awards are now given to those who have done a very commendation and trend setting job for the societyin any sphere of working.
Please note that we never charge money on the name of registration fee, fund or award nomination in any form from the people and awardees. These awards are Global Awards and National Awards.