About Us


MUGU International Foundation (MIF) is awarding people with most prestigious Global Awards every year. We are also recognizing the real talent at national level in India and are honoring people with National Awards. These awards are given to the most deserving people who have done a commendable work in any field. It is a global charitable mission by the foundation.

     5th global award event has been successfully organized in 2020 with huge response all over the world with 4173 nominations. Today these global awards are being highly appreciated by the intellectual world to main the spirit and dignity of the awards.

    Organization has been established to forge greater unity and integrity among the people around the globe. MIF aims to enhance India’s broad relationship and forge greater friendship and cooperation with all the countries on the globe, irrespective of small or big, developed, developing or undeveloped yet there is always a need for greater understanding and it is our endeavor to set a new rapport of closeness and real understanding among all people of the world. It is desired that all the human beings should live together in peace, love and brotherhood. MIF has an essential role to play in fulfilling this objective by creating conditions for exchange of views among all the people. MIF aim to create a sense of national and international friendship and understanding.

     Foundation is working is various fields like Education, IT/ICT, ART & Culture, Environment, Agriculture and Social Welfare. We are helping the poor, orphans and needy students every year.  We are also providing affililations in specific fields to the various institutions to motivate them  so that they can serve the society in a better way. We are also providing national andinternational platform for the desrving people in the best possible innovative way.